Your Expert Guide to Buy The Best White Coffee Table with Storage

A great living room is never complete without a satisfying coffee table. The coffee table is not just a piece of furniture for placing things and helping make the place comfortable and cozy, but it also makes a great part of your living room look and design. a newly added table as a function white coffee table with storage will be niceWhen you want to find the best coffee table that suits your living room it can get a bit tricky because the options are nearly endless and without a suitable plan you can end up spending a lot of cash on a table that does not suit your room or needs.

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white coffee table with storage

white coffee table with storage

In this article, we will explore with you the best options in terms of best material, design, size, and price all according to your needs and budget, we will also recommend the best white coffee table with storage to buy.

1. white coffee table with storage Safety 

small white coffee table with storage

The design and material of the table are affected by the age of their users. If you have small children crawling around, you would rather buy a compact designed rounded table. The material is preferred to be durable as wood or metal and skip the glass which can break on hitting. The corners of the table should be rounded as well to avoid sharp borders’ injuries.

2.The Right spot for the white coffee table with storage

small white coffee table with storage

Choosing the right spot for your table is crucial to make the best use of the room in terms of space and everyday use.

  • if your space is limited then choosing one of the oval or rectangular tables will do the job well.
  • The larger areas and sofas make you consider rounded tables as they fill the space and give a more luxurious look.
  • The table should have about a foot and a half(12-18 inches) of free leg space between the table and sofa.

3.white coffee table with storage Dimensions

white coffee table with storage ideas 

This point must go along with the past points to make the best choice. You need to choose the best size for your room without getting too large or too small. The key tip here is to use a tape measure to get accurate dimensions of your room and determine the allocated space for the table. In terms of numbers, your table should be as high as your sofa or an inch or 2 lower. As for length, the table should be a two-thirds length of your sofa. Choosing a lighter color for the table will make the small room look better especially if it has a glass or mirror finish at the top.

  1. white coffee table with storage Materials

white coffee table with storage size

This material choice is not only important as it determines the look and price of your table but it also affects the design and durability. The most popular material is, of course, the wood, it gives different color options ranging from deep espresso to maple and oak. Another great material is the metal finish as it combines the metal body look and the glass top. It is easier to clean and more durable than wood especially if there will be a lot of water around. The metal content is usually iron, steel, aluminum or other mixed alloys.

white coffee table with storage ideas

The stone material is a rising trend especially in making the table tops out of marble or slate. The stone top is typically placed on a wooden frame table. This idea has a great look but the table will be extra heavy.

The glass tables are a lot popular nowadays either it is a full coffee table or just the top. If you will buy a glass table make sure to choose the tempered glass which is much stronger and durable. If tempered glass breaks accidentally it is designed to divide into very small harmless pieces rather than large bulks.

5.White Coffee tables with storage

large white coffee table with storage

 they are brilliant in small rooms where they easily increase the capacity and functionality of furniture. They can include extra drawers, magazine racks or even baskets. This extra storage really makes your living room tidier.

6.Added extras

smart white coffee table with storage

The basic function provided by most of the coffee tables is a free area to place food, drinks, and some other simple stuff. If you think you can use more than just a simple table these are some helpful options

  • The wheels and casters are very handy to move the table easier.
  • Tables with movable surfaces are useful for eating and studying as well.
  • Ottoman tables, they are used more nowadays as coffee tables where their top is flat and their corner are rounded and soft. They are even safer, child-friendly and can be easily moved around the house.It will also offer a flexible option for furniture where it can be used as an extra set when needed.


white coffee table with storage ikea

The position of the table in the room can make it the focal point which gets the most eye attention.If this is your case then extra attention should be given. This means to choose the table’s color, style and finish in alignment with the underlying carpet, sofa and the room’s style.

8.The Style

white coffee table with storage ikeas

Simply the style is the way that you want your table to look, of course, it is mainly a personal choice and taste, I will simply explain the different most popular styles.

-Traditional: It represents the classic old premium quality taste with a formal appearance. A traditional table will have a rich shiny finish and smooth lines.

-Contemporary: This style focuses more on functionality rather than decorations where it focuses on geometric shapes with softly rounded corners and simple details of decorations.

-Modern: it is same as contemporary which focuses on function but it can go without any decorative details. It uses sleek and shiny finishing as chrome and glass.

-Country design: The coffee table in this style will be typically made of wood with milk painted with impressive delicate decorations usually hand-carved.

-Transitional: This style is a mix of the basic concepts of traditional and contemporary designs. The finishing is lustrous and dark, the lines and shapes are sophisticated. The lovers of transitional design will get a coffee table with a touch of classic fame, rich dazzling finish, and sleek beautiful lines. All these tips mentioned in the article makes buying the white coffee table with storage is your best bargain.

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