Unique 3D Bathroom Floor Designs You’ll Love

If you are striving for excellence in everything and want to surprise friends and family with amazing repairs in the bathroom and toilet, then in addition to unusual plumbing, ceramic tiles, and furniture, you will have to choose an unusual floor covering. We are now about to tell you the way to be unique. Simply you can use one of the unique 3d bathroom floor designs! The unique 3d bathroom floor designs are the smart and also a modern solution for flooring designs. Such a floor is a layer with a photo image, which creates a volume effect if you look at it at a certain angle.

Unique 3d bathroom floor designs

unique 3d bathroom floor designs offers

Now you must be wondering about the material of unique 3d bathroom floor designs which will add that amazing effect and beauty to your bathroom. it is a graphic image printed on the bottom of the floor, which can be drawn, printed, or lined from pieces of a fresco, mosaic, etc. and above the chosen pattern a layer of epoxy is poured and left until the material has solidified. The main purpose of such flooring is to create a voluminous “living” drawing that excites the imagination and pleases the eye with its freshness and novelty.

3d bathroom floor designs price

unique 3d bathroom floor designs offers

If you were asking yourself about if the 3d floor designs could fit other rooms in the house? I can say, floor coverings with a three-dimensional image look unusual in any part of the apartment or house, but most often they are used in the bathroom. Due to the small size of the bathroom floor, it will not cost you too much, and the unusual pattern will transform the entire bathroom without making big damages to your budget.

unique 3d bathroom floor designs offers

It is necessary to know that the price of polymer 3d is always higher than ceramic tiles. And such a value is formed due to the methods of printing the main drawing and the thickness of the epoxy resin filling layer. According to the method of printing, 3d floors are divided into, simple, simple with the transition of color from one to another, Floors of one shade with a hand-painted image, decor in the form of a vinyl film with an image on it, or a decor, laid out by the designer’s hands from improvised materials (sand, seashells and seashells, coins, or pieces of various metals, etc.)

The functionality of unique 3d bathroom floor designs

unique 3d bathroom floor designs offers

In terms of functionality, unique 3d bathroom floor designs meet all the requirements that are imposed on the floor covering in the bathroom. Their main positive properties are moisture resistance, hygienic, durability, ease of maintenance, and also add a touch of aesthetics.

unique 3d bathroom floor designs offers

The 3D coating consists of several layers of special polymers. They are applied to the surface in a liquid state, and under the last transparent layer, the photo image will be added. One of the main advantages of the 3D floor is its nontoxicity. Polymers from which it is made are safe for adults and children. In addition, they are resistant to abrasion, so that the pattern on the floor will last for many years.

unique 3d bathroom floor designs offers

Finally, imagine, the guest opens the door of the bathroom, and unexpectedly find it opens to the sea depths with its amazing creatures. I think you will agree, such an interior will not leave any person indifferent.

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