Amazing Designs for Traditional Fireplace and Surrounds to Warm Your New Year

To choose the ideal traditional fireplace and surrounds, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type. The designers say that wood-burning fireplaces offer greater pleasure than other models, for the crackling of fire is pleasant to see and hear. Moreover, from the aesthetic point of view, they become the highlight of the environment.

Traditional fireplace and surrounds

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The traditional fireplace and surrounds look great in any environment and can be used in different rooms in the home. There is no fireplace ideal for an exact environment and therefore you can choose according to your personal taste.

amazing traditional fireplace and surrounds

However, the choice should be considered taking into account a set of characteristics of the place that will receive the fireplace, for example, in an apartment, if there is no place for an exhaust duct, the most suitable model is the ecological fireplace.

Traditional fireplace and surrounds types

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In traditional fireplace and surrounds, one of the most used coatings is natural stone. The stone is already a decorative element, and therefore your fireplace will not require much decoration, other than the stone itself will grant.

In addition, this coating is super heat resistant and therefore very suitable for this use. Besides the stone, you can also use the concrete coating, which gives a cleaner and more modern air than the stone and also withstands high temperatures. Metal is also widely used in all models of fireplaces because it can withstand the heat.

traditional fireplace and surrounds pinterest

The mosaic as one of the well-used lines and that applies to the fireplace in a very beautiful and functional way. It is a low-weight, super-versatile product. You can create modulations of different sizes, where light and shade will bring enough volume to the fireplace, creating shapes and designs and making your traditional fireplace and surrounds look unique.

The color palette for traditional fireplace and surrounds

traditional fireplace and surrounds pinterest

Fireplace compositions with a rich palette of clean, open colors are becoming a new trend in interior design. The easiest option to accent the fireplace area is to create a juicy background for it. It is enough simply to decorate the wall with bright paint or plaster so that the fireplace begins to be completely different and plays like a living changing picture.

traditional fireplace and surrounds pinterest

Bright colors in the home environment radically change the surrounding reality. Color additives invigorate, revitalize, and give a good mood and energy.

Traditional fireplace and surrounds made of natural stone remain out of the competition. Their rich color palette looks impressive thanks to the beautiful texture of natural minerals.

traditional fireplace and surrounds pinterest

Delicate shades of marble from warm pink to cold green perfectly match the cozy mood in the house. Black, gray and red granite looks more contrast. Yellow-golden onyx or green malachite is the best to use in the category of unconditional luxury portals. More budgetary, but no less stylish solutions use portals of frosted toughened glass. Here the possibilities of color are limited only by the imagination of designers.


A traditional fireplace mantel, which comes with a kind of workbench, is great for letting go of the imagination in the decoration. You can put sculptures, clocks, lamps, in short, all the objects you want on the fireplace and can even compose with beautiful paintings, upholstery and furniture.

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