Sauder Palladia Corner TV Stand Vintage Oak Review

The TV stand is a cornerstone in your house’s furniture, it is not just a holder for your TV screen but it is where most of the people store their consoles, CDs and even magazines to keep the family room minimal and tidy.

Sauder Palladia Corner TV Stand Vintage Oak

The trick is that the TV stands are usually ignored as the people focus on what’s going on the screen, so choosing the TV stand is not a problem as in this article we are presenting Sauder Palladia Corner TV Stand Vintage Oak as an affordable, resilient choice showing its pros, cons and other handy tips related to your TV stand.

Advantages of Sauder Palladia Corner TV Stand Vintage Oak:

Sauder Palladia Corner TV Stand Vintage Oak Review

  1. A premium quality TV stand, perfect for corners and small apartments with maximum ability to optimize small areas.
  2. This TV set can take up to 60″ screen weighing more than 90 lbs.
  1. Two shelves add at the corner to supply more storage space and improve the functionality of the TV set. they can be used for audio or video equipment or even CD or books storage.
  1. The back has a panel greatly finished and enclosed to allow easy cord access. it is the best solution for easily organizing different cords, chargers, and tools without causing the usual mess.
  1. The premium finish of vintage Oak adds a great look to the high-quality wood used in the set making.
  1. The set is also supplied with drawers using metal runners and safety measures to prevent children’s accidents as the T lock assembly system.
  1. It comes as un-assembled separate but the installation is easy and straightforward, you will only need a powered drill and a friend’s help.
  1. The price is the really the best bargain here for all above-mentioned advantages, you can grab this stand for about $300 including the shipping fees.


  1. The actual material of the Sauder Palladia Corner TV Stand Vintage Oak is not pure wood but it is compressed particle board glued on wood finish, this might affect the durability of the set and its life expectancy.
  1. It is a bit easily scratched so caution is needed with pointed tools.

How to know it will fit your tv?

if you don’t know the exact size in inches of your TV, grab a tape and measure your screen diagonally. 

usually, the screen size is measured in diagonals while the TV stands use a width measurement.

No need to worry as if your stand and TV have the same size, your stand will be actually larger than your TV. 

Sauder Palladia corner tv stand vintage oak fits TV screens up to 60 inches

Material choice: 

Wood is the material of our Sauder Palladia corner TV stand here, it is polished with oak finishing. Wood is generally used in these sets of furniture for its high durability, affordable price and the wide range of styles and colors it can express.

Electronics safety tip 

This TV stand is great for grouping all your sets in one place including Tv, consoles, DVD players,…etc but all these devices tend to overheat, so make sure to allow enough space for all wires and prevent overcrowding, the room also should be well ventilated.


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