Best Round Wood and Metal Coffee Table from $102

Is a living room complete without a coffee table? Of course not! You could have a squared or Round Wood and Metal Coffee Table. Also, you would like a glass topped table! Whatever you choose, there’s no denying that coffee tables are the main focus of your living room.

Best Round Wood and Metal Coffee Table

Round Wood and Metal Coffee Table

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Round Wood Coffee Table with Metallic legs

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best Round Wood Coffee Table with Metallic legs

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Round Wood and Metal Coffee Tables

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Round Wood and Metal Coffee Table hqdecoration com

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It’s always a wise choice to choose the right coffee table to go with your living room. The coffee table must be in harmony with your living room. If you choose the wrong table your living room won’t look or feel right. 

So, today we’ll teach how to… 

  • Choose your coffee table’s size 
  • Choose the shape and style of your coffee table. 

First, let’s talk about how you to choose your coffee table size to match perfectly with your living room. 

How To Choose Your Coffee Table’s Size 

Basically, there are many shapes and sizes to suit different types of living rooms. As you decided to purchase a coffee table you need to find the size that will go perfectly with your room to suit your needs. 

Generally, it’s best to keep two feet minimum around the coffee table and reachable in the seating areas. Also, make sure that the coffee table is not more than 60% of your sofa’s length. 

However, the height of the coffee table depends on your needs and how you’re going to use the coffee table. 

Nowadays, the modern coffee tables are designed at a very low height. A very low coffee table will make it hard for you to eat on. 

You should consider adding an item that is about the same size as your coffee table. Definitely, this will help you decide which size to get to go along with your living room. 

Finally, let’s discuss… 

How To Choose The Shape And Style of Your Coffee Table: 

  1. Round Wood and Metal Coffee Table:  

If you have a family, this will be your go-to shape for the coffee table! With children around, you need to eliminate any sharp corners and secure their safety.  

The only problem with a round wood and metal coffee table is that it’ll take more space than a square or rectangular one. 

Also, round coffee tables are awesome for card games or board games. 

  1. Rectangular coffee tables:  

The most popular type of coffee tables is the rectangular ones. Recently, they’ve become widely available in the market because it can go with any type of living room. 

Basically, the rectangular type comes in many forms, height, and sizes. It can perfectly go with a small to large living room easily.  

However, they suit best bigger living rooms to reach all corners of your living room. 

  1. Square coffee tables:  

Again, the square coffee table will perfectly go with a bigger living room. If you have a small living room, then, you need to choose the size of the squared coffee table you choose carefully. 

Quick tip before you buy a square coffee table, make sure to mark the area where you decided to put it. This will give you an overview of how your living room will look like with coffee table.

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