The Best Way to Count The Poly Acrylic Painting for Floor Cost

Acrylic floor paints occupy a special niche among the floor painting types. Floor paints have numerous varieties since they have increased wear-resistant qualities and a long-term operation of the painted layer. The poly acrylic painting for floor cost depends on the differences in the sphere, composition, and quality of the coating. The greatest differences are observed between the manufacturer’s famous world brands and ordinary products.

Poly acrylic painting for floor cost

poly acrylic painting for floor cost pinterest

The ordinary poly acrylic painting for floor cost less than the other types, the price of the more famous compositions could be really more expensive. Acrylic paints are recommended to be bought from building stores to avoid buying an expired or substandard product.

The consumption of the mixture for the creation of one layer is 100-150 g per one square meter of the surface. To increase the wear resistance, two layers are applied. Reduce ink consumption by diluting with water or a special solvent.

Poly acrylic painting for floor

poly acrylic painting for floor cost pinterest

The distinctive feature of poly acrylic painting for the floor is its wear resistance. Also, it can resist the effects on the floor surface that lead to premature abrasion of the paint layer, this is because of its strength which is quite high.

Another feature of such paints is their matte shine, which is necessary to avoid scratching marks, where the users will walk not only in shoes with soft soles! On a matte surface, new scratches will be less visible, and wiping over time the material will not significantly reduce its aesthetics.

Varieties of products

the poly acrylic painting for floor cost

The varieties of poly acrylic painting for floor products could be a problem! The lack of a clear classification, uniform for all manufacturers, sometimes leads to confusion with the marking of the paintwork materials of various suppliers. So, consider buying the main types of poly acrylic painting mixtures which you will use to create a floor covering.

For concrete

the poly acrylic painting for floor cost

Many people tend to buy acrylic paint for the concrete floor in the garage and similar spaces, because it has a pleasant price, and the quality is decent. Aqueous dispersions based on acrylic resins have a high adhesion to the concrete surface.

For maximum adhesion, the concrete must be pre-cleaned from the old coating, dust, and dirt. Before applying the acrylic paints, the floor is recommended to be treated with a grinding machine that provides an optimal surface condition.

On wood

the poly acrylic painting for floor cost

Compositions of poly acrylic painting that used to apply on the wooden floor coating have the property of penetrating into microcracks and other defects, increasing this adhesion and increasing the durability.

The use of acrylic paints for wood is preceded by the treatment with an electric roller on the surface, as well as applying a primer layer. Most modern paints can be used with equal success for concrete and wooden floors. Acrylic floor paint for wood usually has a relatively low price and positive reviews.

Without smell

the poly acrylic painting for floor cost

Acrylic floor paints have an average price and, as a rule, no odor, which is due to the lack of other volatile substances in their composition, except water.

the poly acrylic painting for floor cost

Finally, Acrylic floor paints belong to the most durable and persistent paints, are highly environmentally friendly and do not emit unpleasant odors during operation. Rapid drying of the paint reduces repair time and minimizes the work space. A wide range of dyes for white acrylic base allows you to choose the color for any decorative surface.

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