Simple Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas on A Budget

There’s still some time left for the night of October 31, if you want to welcome your guests with a chilling decoration at the entrance of your home here we bring you a series of dark, monstrous and fun decorations to make with the kids.  We are sure that you will have fun making these outdoor Halloween decoration ideas as a family.

Outdoor Halloween decoration ideas

amazing outdoor halloween decoration ideas

Are you one of the lucky ones that have a garden where you can celebrate the Halloween party outdoors? If so, you can not miss the chance to enjoy this special night creating a unique atmosphere. We start by giving you some basic decorating ideas that will help you set the mood for the party using some outdoor Halloween decoration ideas.

outdoor halloween decoration ideas pinterest

And if you do not have a garden you can use the outdoor Halloween decoration ideas on your entrance door to welcome your guests.

Pumpkins and lanterns

amazing outdoor halloween decoration ideas

Start by placing decorated pumpkins and lanterns around the door and the path that leads to the entrance of your home, including stairs if there are some.

Also, take advantage of the white lights of the Christmas decoration to hang them from the trees or the fences that you have in your garden.

The Fog

outdoor halloween decoration ideas pinterest

If you can get a fog machine like the ones used in the movies or the theater, use it to decorate the exterior of your house. You can round off the image by hanging some huge plastic spiders and cobwebs.

Ghost attack

outdoor halloween decoration ideas pinterest

You can also hang an old sheet as if it were a ghost that stalked your home. If you put a small fan nearby it will seem to float in the air.

Scary graveyard

outdoor halloween decoration ideas pinterest

You can also build a scary graveyard by painting a small rectangle of cardboard or wood with gray or silver spray paint as a tomb. Make about 10 and put epitaphs with scary shapes on the gravestones that you can improvise with stones.

Spooky hands

outdoor halloween decoration ideas pinterest

With the silhouette of the children’s hand and a little imagination, you can form the basis of a welcome sign. On a rectangle of black cardboard write the text inviting to enter your house or party.

outdoor halloween decoration ideas pinterest

On cardboard of different colors, draw the silhouette of the children’s hands and cut out the drawings to make the shape of the hand. Place your hands with your fingers pointing down and draw, inside, faces of ghosts. They can be evil, surprised, terrifying, or, funny.

Terrifying banners

outdoor halloween decoration ideas pinterest

This is a very simple idea to work with children of our outdoor Halloween decoration ideas. You need colorful cardboard and markers to create your favorite scary characters. The first step in making these banners is to cut the colored cardboard into triangles of the same size. Think of the characters you are going to make and add cropped eyes, mouth, hair and some other details. Complete with a colored marker and, once finished you can hang them with small clips on a black string.


new outdoor halloween decoration ideas

To make the best outdoor Halloween decoration ideas and apply them to your home, Let your imagination fly and you will be surprised by the scary ideas that will come up of your imagination to make scary outdoor Halloween decoration ideas!

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