Best Large Square Coffee Table with Storage You’ll Love

The coffee table is an indispensable piece of furniture in the modern home because of the multiplicity of functions it performs. it is the place where drinks, magazines and, remote controls are placed. So having a large square coffee table with storage where you can put some of your favorite accessories with the option of storing things is ideal for those who love everything to be at hand.

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Large square coffee table with storage

Having a large square coffee table with storage in your living room at a central position makes it the focal element and immediately catalyzes the gaze of your guests. The choice must, therefore, be accurate and must take into consideration various aspects and we are here to help you with some our suggestions about how to choose a large square coffee table with storage. 

Tips to choose the perfect one 

Large Square Coffee Table with Storage

To choose the perfect large square coffee table with storage, here are the most important factors to consider. 

The Spaces 

Consider the space you have available before choosing a large square coffee table with storage. Before buying the one you fell in love with in the furniture shop, do some practical tests using a trick, cut out a cardboard shape that is as big as the coffee table you would like to buy and try to place it in the room. So you will realize if the table is too small, or too big, or if it is the right size compared to the space in your living room. Keep in mind that the ideal distance from the edge of the sofa to the table, to make the legs sit comfortably once seated, is 45 centimeters. In addition, the table must have a space of at least 60/80 cm around it. 

The Height 

Depending on the height of the sofa, calculate how your ideal coffee table should be high. only if the sofa is particularly high you can choose a large square coffee table with storage that is slightly higher than average (to be clear, about 50 cm), while in case of a standard seat then it is better to opt for a medium height coffee table. 

The Form 

To give a touch of liveliness to the environment it is possible to opt for a colored coffee table, or handmade with innovative materials, following modern and original design lines. While if you like the style of the coffee table to be a bit more classical then, what is right for you is a table made of wood. 

The colors 

Coffee tables are available in every imaginable color. If you choose a bold shade, such as orange or acid green, use the sofa and chairs in more neutral colors to prettify the table even more. Then it is necessary to resume the color in the rooms, with furniture and accessories of similar tones.  

Last tip 

You can get the one that matches the decor in your living room by choosing between a coffee table with drawers or with one or two open shelves. Finally, to be sure not to make mistakes it is always better to prefer simple and plain lines. You can also, take a look at our past article about the extra large round coffee table.

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