How to Make A Pallet Coffee Table?

If you were wondering about pallet furniture I can simply say that it is a new trend of furniture which is going to be universal soon. The idea of making the pallet furniture is to be able to make your own design by yourself. And if you were also wondering about the easiest piece of pallet furniture, to begin with, I will tell you, it is pallet coffee table. Now, is the time to give you some simple tips on how to make a pallet coffee table?

how to make a pallet coffee table

How to make a pallet coffee table?

Before telling you the simple tips on how to make a pallet coffee table? I must tell you about the final feeling when you finish your project, it is really amazing! Just imagine having a nice piece of furniture placed in your living room made by your own hands! I can assure you that you will be so proud of it and you will invite all of your family and friends to show them this beautiful piece of furniture which made totally from the pallet wood and by your hands.

How to make a pallet coffee table in steps

The great thing about this project is that you can customize your coffee table made of pallets depending on your personal taste. Everything is up to you. It is important that you carefully decide,

  • Which pallets will you use for the coffee table? New or used?
  • What color should the coffee table have? White, colorful or a certain wood tone?
  • Which feet or rollers do you want?
  • How high should the table be in the end?

Materials for a pallet coffee table

2 pallets (standard dimensions: 80 x 120 x 14.4 cm), Coarse and fine sandpaper, 4 thick, wooden beams (as a spacer, length is up to you), Wood stain/color (the best water based), Brush or roller for glazing, 4 wheels with parking brake , Screws for the wheels, 16 x wood screws, drilling machine, 4 corner fittings, Screws for the corner fittings, 4 rubber spacers, A glass plate (dimensions: 80 x 120 cm, thickness decides), Screwdriver, Time and patience.

The first step is sanding the pallets, and then you can paint it if you want but, if you want to get the coffee table in the classic industrial look, skip this point. Then build the table as it will look like later. So put all 4 bars on the corners of the bottom palette and then put the second palette on top. Now it is the time for drilling holes and screws them together.

Now you have the basic structure for your new stylish coffee table made of pallets. Install the wheels on the feet of the table. When buying the wheels pay attention to a certain load. The pallets alone weigh 25 kilos each. If you also put a glass on top of it, the weight must also be planned for. Put the table upside down. Grab a wheel and mark the holes for the screws with a pin. Drill the marked holes in the palette foot and then screwed on the wheels. Use the rubber spacers to make the glass plate stable. Then glue a rubber spacer to the corner fittings and set the glass plate as a final component on the top of the table.


We hope that you will find our tips on how to make a pallet coffee table in steps useful for your project.

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