How to Decorate A Living Room? 15 Smart and Simple Ideas to Decorate The Living Room

How to decorate a living room? The living rooms can be decorated and transformed in countless ways and with different budgets. But, if what you want is to obtain a place that gives off the admiration and envy of the guests! We may need a little effort and in addition to good taste, nice design and some amazing ideas. This will surely provide coziness, harmony, and comfort in your new living room.

How to decorate a living room?

how to decorate a living room table

Do you want to get the answer to the question of how to decorate a living room? I propose to see some tips that will surely help you save time, money and efforts when decorating your living room.

First of all, you should think about the style you want for your room, in this way you will know the furniture and accessories for which to choose and you will not go looking for something that does not adapt to the desired style. If you do not have a bulky budget then you will also have to think about expenses.

how to decorate a living room corner

Before starting to paint and decorate it is advisable to check the condition of the walls and floors to make sure they do not have moisture that could damage your work.

At the time of shopping choose high-quality things, even if they are a bit more expensive. This way we are ensuring that they will last longer and your investment will not be in vain.

How to decorate a living room corner?

how to decorate a living room table

The corners are spaces that many of us ignore when decorating. We focus on the largest spaces and, at most, what we do is install furniture to cover them. Others just leave them there, as empty and unused spaces. But do not worry, here we will show you how to decorate a living room corner.

Use shelves

how to decorate a living room corner

On one side are the floating shelves specially created for the corners, but there are also the normal shelves, which you can install yourself and give them the shape you want.

A hanging chair

Create a magical and relaxed corner with a hanging chair. Decorate it with cushions and some blankets and give it a more soft touch. Depends on how you fix it, you can combine with any style, completely Boho, Nordic or more modern.


how to decorate a living room corner

It is a classic solution, easy and very beautiful. The plants will always be a contribution to your spaces and we are sure that they look amazing in any room. In the corners, you can put a tall plant, which draws attention and occupies the necessary space, but an arrangement with several smaller plants is also a great option, and it does not matter if they are real or artificial plants.

How to decorate a living room shelf

how to decorate a living room corner

Regardless of color, style or size, the shelves can be the ideal complement to any organized and well-decorated environment.


Decorating shelves in a minimalist way can be a good solution for sophisticated visuals. Opt for decorative objects of color and neutral shapes, such as vases or candles, distributed harmoniously on the shelves.

Dividing space

how to decorate a living room table

Use the shelf itself as a decorative element and divide the space between the hall and living room using it. Opt for empty shelves, decorated with light parts, that can delimit spaces in an amazing way.


Use organizer boxes on the shelf to decorate the shelves with originality and still be able to store personal objects or compromise the look and space of the furniture or the living room decoration.


Invest in details to decorate the shelf with originality. Miniatures, photos, ceramics and other decorative objects serve to both form the look of the furniture and show the personal taste of the user.

How to decorate a living room with a fireplace

how to decorate a living room pinterest

Start by looking for a focal point within the room. Having a fireplace inside the room is an elegant idea. It will be the most striking within the entire decoration. Around the fireplace, the rest of the decoration of the room will be arranged.

The presence of a fireplace in the living room transforms the room, gives it solidity, respectability. Such an interior will certainly cause admiration of the guests; will increase the luxury look in the living room.

Fireplace shelf can be an additional decoration. It is often used to show collectible items, decorative elements, which will certainly be seen.

How to decorate a living room with vaulted ceilings

How to decorate a living room with vaulted ceilings

The vaulted ceilings are constructed in such a way that they do not correspond to the same position as the roof of the building. They can have one inclined side, a curved slope or unequal inclined sides. Depending on the structure of the ceiling may not be symmetrical and may not occur in the center of the roof.

Vaulted ceilings can have skylights that provide natural light in the room, and if they are not there are many options for vaulted ceiling lamps such as recessed lighting, chandeliers or hanging lamps, which will accentuate the beauty and enhance the visual effect of the ceiling.

How to decorate a living room with vaulted ceilings

The vaulted ceiling is a powerful architectural element, a bold style that can improve the look of your living room. This gives the room a spacious appearance and a touch of luxury.

One of the main advantages of vaulted ceilings is that they make any room more airy, larger, taller and more spacious than it really is.

it possible to place ceiling beams that will add character, warmth, and charm to the living room interior, which means that the room will have a more visually interesting and unique architectural.

How to decorate a living room on a budget

How to decorate a living room on a budget

It is not so important to have a high budget to decorate the living room with good style. It’s just a matter of knowing how to handle and use correctly the budget you have to decorate your room without overriding the budget you have available.

First, to make the decoration of the room, you have to make a good planning on the style of decoration you want to use for the room and be clear that is what you want.

In this way, it will be easier to find the furniture and all kinds of details that fit your budget.

how to decorate a living room table

To optimize the budget, it is better to look in different stores and furniture centers so that you can make a good comparison not only of prices but also of quality and design so that you can choose the one that fits your needs.

A great and quite entertaining idea is to make the decoration yourself. The interior decorating works of the living room are not very complicated as they seem, they only need a little effort and creativity. For example, if you want to paint the walls you have to do it yourself, this will prevent you from requesting the services of a company or painter that will consume part of your budget.

Do not hesitate to choose furniture and other second-hand details with which besides saving a good amount of money, you can decorate the room with a vintage touch, which is currently in trend.

How to decorate a living room in a small apartment

how to decorate a living room table

Having a small living room does not mean that your design should be neglected. The point is that, regardless of its size, the great design can transform anything!

Illuminate the place.

In a small space, light can play an essential role, making it feel well lit and bigger than it is. If you have a lot of natural light, do not hesitate to use it. Use transparent curtains, so even when they are closed, sunlight filters without compromising your privacy. Also, furniture with high gloss and paint are good tricks that bounce the light around the room.

how to decorate a living room table

You really can’t go wrong with white walls. They create a bright, clean and relaxed room instantly and make the ceilings look taller. White furniture can give a similar perception, but sometimes the entire white room can be a bit sterile.

How to decorate a living room with tile floors

How to decorate a living room with tile floors

The encaustic tiles are becoming very popular for their unique look, their excellent quality and the opportunity to add character and style to the floors.

Before deciding to choose tiles to decorate your living room, you must have an idea of the effect you want to achieve, how you will work with the general design concept, the color scheme of the interior and whether or not you want to mix them in the general color palette or add a contrast color.

How to decorate a living room with tile floors

There is nothing more minimal and sensational than polished concrete. This material is so durable and resistant that you can have it eternally without needing to change it or coat it. Its light gray color combines with any style and colors with which you wish to decorate your living room.

If you combine your floor with a decoration according to the style you will have an incredible result. Do not forget that every decorative detail such as lamps, carpets, and ornaments are also a fundamental part of the harmony and decoration of the entire environment.

How to decorate a living room table

How to decorate a living room pinterest

With the help of the table in the living room, you can take advantage of the space to accommodate all the actions you do in the company of family and friends. For example, eating, drinking, or play cards will be provided.  Take into your account that having a coffee table in the living room creates a space for conversation when gathering around it.

Tables can also be used as side tables to make the stay in the living room more comfortable. You can add a side table and enjoy having all your things near your hand.

How to decorate a living room table

A table with a storage place can provide privacy to keep your personal things in a hidden place far from children.

There is more and more to say about having a table in the living room. it is really an important piece of furniture which you must have to complete the decoration of the living room.

And for the use of the table in the decoration of the living room, you can always use it as a place to put side lighting, vase, frame, candles, or a small decorative clock.

How to decorate a living room with a bay window

How to decorate a living room with a bay window

Recently, the planning of buildings increasingly includes a bay window. This architectural solution allows you to decorate and transform the appearance of the room, and also significantly increase the area. This part of the room is an excellent source of light, as traditionally the bay window is built glazed.

The space of the bay window is used to house furniture. In this case, there are several most popular design options.

Occupy the ledge of the room with a special sofa, which will close almost all the opened space. Put small armchairs or a miniature sofa. Select the bay window as a kind of dining place. If this option is selected, it is better to use a small table that does not take up much space.

How to decorate a living room with a bay window

For different styles of room design with a bay window, various types and materials of furniture are suitable. Chairs and glass tables will look good in hi-tech, while for classical it is better to choose usual armchairs and sofas, and also tables made of wood.

If the living room has a fireplace, then the furniture is installed opposite it. In this case, space next to the windows can be left free. Cabinets or other bulky items in such a room are better not to use at all. They will further strain the situation.

How to decorate a living room with a bay window

It must be remembered that the bay window and fireplace will be the main centers of the room and objects of special attention. Therefore, do not add other bright elements, which will further burden the interior of the room.


Now, I think that you found the answer to the main question in this article which was how to decorate a living room? but if you have any more question about the decoration of the living room we will be happy to give you the answer.

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