How to Clean a Finished Wood Table: Expert tips

Today’s post is about How to clean a finished wood table but first, we need to understand the concept of finished wood.

Finished wood is commonly used today on a wide range in different Industries mainly furniture and static decors such as floors.

Finishing wood is a multi-step process including wood sanding staining and finally adding a protective layer and a finish.

The finish materials are variable and differ according to too many factors including the price, quality, and durability.

The most common ones are the water-based finish as they are less harmful and more environmentally friendly. 

In this article, we will show you how to clean finished wood in easy fast ways, which can be applied at home.

How to Clean a Finished Wood Table: Expert tips

How to Clean a Finished Wood Table

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt from the wood regularly, as time goes dirt will tend to adhere to the wood and making its cleaning more difficult.
  1. The next cleaning level is using a simple cloth or a soft feather for dry wiping your table from dirt and keep its polished appearance.
  1. For wet cleaning of hard stains, you will need a soap mixture from few drops of dish soap in a large amount of warm tap water.
  1. Use this mixture, soft sponge and start wiping your finished wood table. You should work from the top down to the bottom so the dirt will move downward from the clean areas.
  1. Use a clean cloth to dry your table and make sure to go into any deep areas that might retain water and damage the table.
  1. For fast drying, you need to ventilate the table well and allow air stream. Make sure to keep all the cleaning process away from children and pets.
  1. Stubborn dirt and staining may need special care as simple soap is not usually sufficient. The mineral spirits are more intense cleaners that should be used with caution and after proper dilution.
  1. Mineral spirits are tested at first using a cotton soaked with it on a very small area of wood finish if the finish holds then you can use it. If the finish fades, consider replacing it with normal soap cleaning.

Mineral spirits are added on a cloth and used for rubbing the wood, but the cloth should be washed properly soon after finishing, as it is flammable.


  • When buying your furniture always ask the supplier for specific cleaning guidelines and care for your type of wood.
  • Make a habit of regularly dusting your wooden furniture every now and then, to get rid of residues that accumulate forming -over time- thick dirt layers. Useful tools for dusting include Standard quill duster and Lambs-wool duster.
  • If you are not a fan of synthetic detergents you can make at home which consists of olive oil, lemon juice, and gum turpentine in equal proportions and adding enough water. 
  • Paste wax is necessary have if your wood is scratched, if used with the right shade your table will return shiny new.

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