How tall is a kitchen table? – 7 amazing tips to calculate the size of the kitchen table

How tall is a kitchen table? You must find the answer to this question before opting to buy a new table for the kitchen.

A small kitchen for many is a big problem. After all, the working areas, stove, sink, various cabinets, shelves, refrigerator and, if possible, a dining area should fit here.

And it’s good if you have ten square meters at your disposal. Where, then, should you put the table, how to arrange the chairs? We have a couple of great tips! First of all, you must know how tall is a kitchen table?

How tall is a kitchen table?

how tall is a kitchen table amazon

Before beginning your search, you should calculate the range of measurements of kitchen tables that can fit into your kitchen based on design principles, which can vary between round, square and rectangle table sizes.

In addition to considering how many people you want to sit, the size of the kitchen table should also allow enough space for people to pass, fit into the size of the kitchen to create a visual balance.

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how tall is a kitchen table pinterest

  • In the kitchen, there should not only be space for the table and chairs but also that if the table has extendable areas and what they measure.
  • Each person should have a comfortable space to move and sit in a proper and comfortable way, without cramped and tight.
  • When the users are seated, there must be a space behind their seat, enough so that another person can pass freely; they can be at least fifty or sixty centimeters.
  • The table must be carefully placed so that it does not invade the work area, this way you will avoid accidents, discomfort, and spots where they should not fall.

how tall is a kitchen table amazon

  • To calculate the kitchen table that you need, you will draw a small plan with your kitchen, write the measurements and try to locate the table with the margins of step that I have explained previously.
  • Each person needs to be able to sit at the table, about 50cm wide and in the background another 50cm or so, when sitting near the table and away we will add 40cm more.
  • The round kitchen tables provide more places for the users. they can sit down to it normally between 4 and 8 diners. The rectangular ones help to size the kitchen, due to its different sizes and because it is not usual for more than 6 people to gather in the kitchen at the same time. The height of the table will be between 70 and 75 cm approximately.


how tall is a kitchen table pinterest

Quite a large number of firms produce tables for the kitchen and many of these products are similar in size. And it’s no accident.

The standard size of the table depends on how many people this table is designed for. In addition, it affects the shape of this product, namely: what shape its tabletop, a circle, an oval or a rectangle.

Standard dimensions are

6 people – 150×90 cm.

8 people – 200×110 cm.

10 people – 260×110 cm.

12 people – 320×110 cm.

For the round kitchen table, the dimensions of the table top are calculated as follows:

how tall is a kitchen table pinterest

4 persons: a diameter of at least 110 cm.

6 persons: a diameter of at least 130 cm.

8 persons: a diameter of at least 150 cm.

10 persons: a diameter of not less than 170 cm.

after all, I hope that you have found the answer to the question of how tall is a kitchen table? using the past tips.

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