How Tall Is A Coffee Table? – Coffee Table Size Guide

Lots of people ask me “how tall is a coffee table?”  

So, I decided to dedicate this article to answer this question and tell you all about the height of coffee tables. 

Overall, I’ll answer the following questions: 

  • How tall is a coffee table? 
  • How to choose the perfect style? 
  • How to define the functions you need to buy the right coffee table? 

how tall is a coffee table

First of all,  

How Tall Is A Coffee Table? 

Definitely, everyone agrees that the height of your coffee table should be at the same seating level as your sofa and other chairs. Some agree that it could be lower than the seating height. 

But, there’s no way that you should buy a coffee table that is higher than its surroundings. It’ll just feel wrong and will ruin your living room’s elegance and appearance. 


How To Choose The Perfect Style?  

Undoubtedly, you can choose between many different coffee table styles out there. The reason there are so many styles, is to make sure you choose the style that matches your personality and that of your living room as well. 

So, make sure you choose the coffee table that will show up and match the rest of your living room’s design and seating.  

A glass top coffee table is so elegant to have in your living room. But, it’s nor recommended to have it if you have kids because of its sharp edges and constant need to cleaning. 

If you have timber items in your living room, then you can choose a timber coffee table. You need to make sure to choose a coffee table that will compliment the rest of your living room. 

If you already have too many timber items in your living room, then adding a timber coffee table won’t be a smart choice. You can choose a glass topped coffee table with timber legs to go perfectly with the rest of the timber items.  

Also, you can add a classy touch of timber accessory on top of a glass coffee table to give the amazing look you want. 

Nowadays, there are other polyurethane modern options which form an amazing background for any accessory you’d like to add. Like, for instance, you can accessorize with rugs, prints or flowers in your living room. 

How to Define the Functions You Need To Buy the Right Coffee Table?  

Finally, it’s time we discussed how to choose your coffee table based on what you need. Mainly, you need to think of the reasons why you need to get a coffee table, beside of completing your living room. If you have a family, then, it’s best to look for an easy to clean table with no sharp edges. 

I’d recommend round wood and metal coffee table if you have children. The round shaped coffee table will keep your children safe. So, stay away from the rectangular and squared coffee tables. 

If you want to store your DVD’s in your coffee table, then, you’d better find a coffee table with room for storage.  

If you’re looking for a modern look, then go for a rectangular, square, or glass coffee table for elegance. 

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