7 Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas and Tips

You do not want to spend a fortune on the Halloween party you’re going to give at home! Keep calm; it is not necessary to ruin yourself to be a championship host. With these cheap Halloween decoration ideas, your decoration for Halloween will be terrifyingly amazing.

Cheap Halloween decoration ideas

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As in any party, it is better to focus on enjoying it than to stress planning it, but for Halloween, there is something more than another extra in which to think like the costumes, the theme or the decoration. We offer you some cheap Halloween decoration ideas that will make your life a little easier. That way you’ll have more time to think about the costumes and the fun you will have at the party!


cheap Halloween decoration ideas and tips

Probably the easiest and most accessible way to decorate for Halloween is with pumpkins. They are everywhere, in every store,

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and you just need a little imagination, some candles, and talent for the sculpture to “Halloween” your house. You do not even have to opt for the classic face, try using cookie cutters to get a cool design.

Glass jars

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Another cool way to decorate your house on Halloween is to use glass jars or jam jars for everything! Put some pictures and water in jars to make it look as if you had heads stuck in jars,

cheap Halloween decoration ideas ikea

fill them with candy, and use them to serve cocktails or cover them with bandages as if they were mummies. With jars the possibilities are endless!

Homemade ghosts

Cheap Halloween decoration ideas ikea

To make homemade ghosts you do not need more than a ping pong ball, a plastic bottle, a medical gauze, and glue. Stick the ball into the bottle’s mouthpiece. Then put the gauze over and to make it more realistic frays the fabric, wrinkle and crush it a little with your fingers.

Homemade Halloween lighting

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Recycle bottles to turn them into illuminated ghosts. You will only have to clean them, paint the face of the ghosts with a strong marker, let your imagination fly and make them scary as possible and place a garland of LED lights inside. Place them in a row along the corridor to make it easier to fit the lights on the bottom of the bottles.

Zombies at home

Cheap Halloween decoration ideas amazon

Prevents zombies from invading your Halloween party! With this original and easy-to-make decoration, you can do it. Cut a cardboard box into wide strips and draw a few markers with a marker as if it were wood. Then, sticks them with black cardboard (or foam) hands and make it look protrude from these wide strips then place it on your window.

The Day of the Dead

cheap Halloween decoration ideas and tips

If you have doubts, opt for a themed party, The Day of the Dead will be an amazing choice. All you need is a lot of skulls and many flowers (plastic, real or paper, anything goes). That way you will not have to worry about making things scary!

Lying blood and bandages

cheap Halloween decoration ideas and tips

The easiest thing to make cheap Halloween decoration ideas is to take a bucket full of lying blood, bandages, and things that you do not mind spoiling. Change the covers of the cushions, towels, and curtains for others with bloodstains or buy some cheap just for the party. You can also, make some Terrifying candles; you only have to melt a little red candle on white candles. And your house will look like something out of a scary movie!

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